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A few testimonials from existing clients:

Weight Loss Transformation

Steph K - In the top picture I weighed 11 stone and 5 pounds and that was exactly a year ago today. I wasn't miserable, I couldn't have been happier as only 2 weeks previously I'd brought a beautiful little girl into the world and it was through that body she got here! But I wasn't comfortable, I didn't want to get "skinny" and I still don't now, stereotypes and the word fat is thrown around far to much now, I want to be healthy and strong and fit and a positive role model for my little girl. So it's taken exactly a year but I'm now 9 stone! That's 33lbs down and around 3 clothing sizes. I'm not exactly where I wanna be yet but I'm starting to feel confident and I've done it the right way, it's taken a year because I eat takeaways and I have a drink and I love chocolate but I train hard and I like healthy food too and the only reason it's staying off is because I don't starve myself or go running for hours, mainly thanks to my PT josh at xercise4less (can't recommend enough please comment or inbox him if your interested) he hasn't just trained me he's educated me and I can't wait to see more results! So basically go me

Bodybuilding Transformation

Adrian C - Josh "

Getting on this #transformationtuesday and #gainz💪 hype. Didn't even believe this what he showed it to me.

Main man @adriancepa. I can't take credit for what people I work with achieve because they put in all the hard work.

About a year between these two, we've been training for about eight months of that.

He's been training for a few years now and I'm fairly sure he's chose a purposely bad photo for the before😝. I'm sure he won't mind me saying uses to get bogged down trying to make his training too complicated. And there is a place for that 
But we simplified things a lot and started pushing the intensity and the volume over time getting that progressive overload and those gains"

Fitness Transformation

Leanne M


Drew S.

Katie M. - Before I started training with Josh I was unmotivated and never pushed myself. We started from complete scratch which meant he invested a huge amount of time and energy into my programming and ensuring I mastered the technique for each exercise. My strength and fitness levels have improved so much, and I'm achieving PB's I would never have dreamed of. My attitude towards exercise has completely changed through training with Josh. I love going to the gym now and always look forward to my next session.
Sophie B -  Josh Hesmondhalgh is an excellent personal trainer, always encouraging and motivating and a genuine pleasure to train with. He plans your programming and training as per your specific needs, from fat loss and general weight training to a more specialised powerlifting approach in my case. Efficient, professional and friendly, he can also adapt exercises and movements as per injury and muscle imbalance. I would highly recommend training with Josh, without his help I would not have achieved my goals as quickly or easily as I have so far.


10/10 would hire again!

Lizzie D. - I first started training with Josh in 2014 and had never done a squat or any form of weight training in my life. So to start off it was all about getting the technique nailed down and getting the confidence to train in a gym. Josh's professionalism, dedication and industry knowledge was what got me through and lead me to love training and going to the gym! Over the years of training with Josh I can now deadlift 97.5kg! His constant support and commitment is really what makes Josh stand out from any other PT I have trained with. He creates all fitness and diet plans personal to you and helps you every step of the way.

Couldn't recommend Josh enough!

Becky H. - Josh was there for me when I needed him. He helped me so much when all I wanted was some sweet and sour chicken! He got me motivated in such clever ways and I actually stuck to it – something I'd never been able to do before. 
Jane B. - He made it so easy! Its not just that I’ve lost weight – I used to get tired and out of breath just getting up the stairs,, but now I feel so much fitter. I run up the stairs and don’t even think about it.
Matt F. - Thanks to Josh I've lost 2 and a half stone in 16 weeks – now I'm over the moon with the way I look and feel.

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