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Personal Training clients Deadlift.


After your initial consultation - it's time to get to work.


Now that we have your goals, and a nutritional protocol in place it's time to begin training.


All training taken through Josh Hesmondhalgh Elite Performance & Coaching and Delivered by Josh and his team of coaches,  will continue to be varied and goal specific, focusing on the key components of fitness and drawing influences from various backgrounds. Our general fitness packages are inspired by movements from conventional cardiovascular and resistance systems combined with utilising types of exercises from MMA/Boxing, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Strongman, Yoga, Kettlebell work and much more.


There will be a focus on developing strength, core stability, speed, flexibility, stamina and skill in terms of learning and developing new skills and increasing the body's balance.


Fat loss and muscle toning aren't goals for everyone, your goals may be sport specific work or you may have a need for injury rehabilitation, this can also be discussed during a consultation.


In terms of location,  we are based in Teesside and certainly mobile, so don't be put off if you feel you're slightly further afield - just mention it in the CONTACT form.


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