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Josh Hesmondhalgh is a qualified Personal Trainer and has worked in the Health & Fitness industry for several years in a number of different capacities. From Fitness Team manager, Membership Sales & Marketing Manager to Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Josh now works with a vast number of different clients across London in person and trains dozens of individuals remotely online. Josh has worked with competitive Martial Artists, Powerlifters, Strongmen and women and Crossfitters, as well as countless general population clients who's goals range from weight loss, muscle gain, health, recreational bodybuilding and athletic performance. More specific examples of individual success stories can be found elsewhere on the site. 


Josh actively competes in Strongman contests and has previously competed in powerlifting, MMA, submission grappling, fencing and rugby.


Contact Josh on +44 (0) 7713725236 or reach him by email at or

We do offer bespoke, exclusive training programmes for those who are unable to attend sessions in person. 

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